Yesterday I was asked “to what extent communication is part of marketing communication and marketing” but since I had to rush away I promised to put an answer to the question here on the blog. More can of course be said about the issue but here is a brief answer.

Duncan & Moriarty (1998) argue that marketing theory and communication theory share common roots and thereby they are enriching each other. Amalgamating marketing and communication consequently forms the area of marketing communication. In a marketing communication context, information is distributed to inform, persuade, motivate and to make potential customers aware of an organization’s offering (Keller, 2001).

Marketing communication comprises of a variety of activities aiming at communicating with the company’s customers. Marketing communication tools are typically divided into four or more defined areas and these tools or sub functions are often referred to as the promotional mix. The tools in the promotional mix are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and can also be extended with for instance direct marketing, packaging, point of purchase display and event marketing.

In summary; Communication is an intrinsic part of Marketing as well as Marketing Communication.

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